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Customised Individual Care

We tailor our award-winning skin care to suit each client, customising individual pampering treatments and courses with noticeable firming and brightening results.

Our therapists all are all qualified to advanced levels in skin care practice and are right up-to-date with the very latest treatments. If you suffer with any skin problems or just enjoy maintaining healthy, fresh-looking radiance we will have a facial treatment that is exactly right for you. If you’re unsure about which one to choose for the best results, call in or book a consultation and we will be very happy to make our recommendations.

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Facial treatment

Skin Rejuvenation I.P.L Multi wavelenght light is utilised to reduce the signs of aging and fine lines. £77
Skin Rejuvenation I.P.L. - Course of 6 £362
Award Winning Dermalux Light Treament As a result of ageing, skin disorders or trauma, healthy skin cells are compromised. The skin has the ability to absorb certain wavelengths. Dermalux instantly revives a tired and dull complexion. Making the skin visibly hydrated, smooth and radiant. An hours treatment including a luxurious facial and scalp massage using prescriptive creams and oils. £60.00
The Prescription Facial This hands-on, skin enhancing facial incorporates a relaxing facial massage and a mask that is personally prescribed to your skin on the day. It offers exfoliating benefits and is a great introduction in to skin care, working with our highly trained therapists who will ensure you a truly pampering experience. £50.00
The Mini-Prescription Facial A more time-efficient version of our full prescription facial, covering all the basics to leave you with exfoliated, hydrated and more radiant skin. £40.00

Jan Marini

Jan Marini is the winner of more Newbeauty awards than any other company. Transform your skin and amplify your results with our facial and home care products for immediate smoother more polished skin. Amazing results for all skin concerns.One product to be used 2 weeks prior to facial treatment.

The Power-Packed Lunchtime Peel All the power of the Power Prescription Peel, but fit in to your lunch break! Designed to exfoliate, hydrate and even the appearance of the skin, this quick lunchtime peel is power-packed with skin-enhancing benefits! £40.00
The Power Prescription Facial Peel A skin boosting peel that provides an elevated experience with remarkable results. This intensive facial treatment delivers instant and visible skin balancing effects. Targeting dehydrated, uneven skin tones and problem-prone skin, it is the ultimate boost for the appearance of visibly smoother skin - a face rejuvinator! £60.00

Micro Dermabrasion

Added to another facial £20
Single £45.00

Semi Permanent Make Up

This effect is achieved by using hypoallergenic pigments to create a shadow of colour in the dermal layer of the skin, defining eyes, brows and lips to give a soft natural finish that imitates perfect applied make-up (This treatment will require a deposit).

Guinot Facial Treatments

Hydraderm Cellular Energy The Hydraderm Cellular Energy is Guinot’s new revolutionary machine providing the ultimate alternative to aesthetic medicine. Still maintaining the core strengths of the Hydradermie2, our newest facial is a deep cleansing facial, tailored to your needs with it's range of skin-specific gels, set to improve any of your skin care worries. A bespoke facial for all skin types, whether you are wishing to tackle imperfections and blemishes or anti-ageing and radiance. £75.00
Hydraderm Cellular Energy - Age Logic Our highly recommended Hydraderm Cellular Energy facial, incorporating deeply activating, firming and toning serums, designed to revitalise mature skin and diminish signs of ageing. Also includes use of the age-logic gels to prolong it's youthful and beautiful effects. £95.00
Hydradermie Lift Using the latest technologies with our Hydraderm Cellular Energy machine, the lift creates a natural facelifting effect by using electical impulses to drain away fluid retention and puffiness in the face, and to also stimulate the facial muscles to regain tone and structure. In just a few minutes, you will appear younger and visibly lifted, followed by a mask and massage treatment to treat the skin surface. £75.00
HydraLift Deluxe 'A match made in heaven' This gorgeous facial combines both your Hydraderm Cellular Energy facial and the Hydradermie Lift, to give an ultimate pamper experience for your skin. Depending on your skin conditions this facial can take as long as 1hour45mins so be prepared, it might be hard to stay awake! £130
Age Summum The Age Summum is Guinots most hands on anti-ageing facial. Using Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid filler spheres, Pro Collagen & a stimulating facial massage, this facial smoothes away wrinkles, firms the skin & provides antioxidant action for exceptional radiance. £75.00
NEW Lift Summum Our newest facial from Guinot is an exclusive skincare method that provides global firming action and immediately attenuates signs of fatigue and ageing in the face, neck and décolleté. Designed as more than a mere lifting treatment, this facial acts to redefine facial features, helps tighten the skin and will leave you feeling radiant. In addition the Lift Summum also includes an 'Anti-wrinkle Eraser' to help give the lines in your skin a smoother appearance, which you get to take home with you after treatment to pro-long the facial's effects. £75.00
Lift Summum with HydradermieLift Combining two of our deepest stimulating facials for firming of the skin and tightening of the muscles, this facial is the ultimate non-surgical face lift. Please allow yourself 2 hours for this facial to be able to switch off and be properly pampered. £130.00
Aromatic Face Treatment Using a combination of essential oils selected specifically to your skins needs, this calming treatment will induce relaxation and your skin will regain its suppleness, radiance and softness. The treatment ends with a setting plant-extract mask, from which your skin will emerge healthy and refreshed. £55.00
Hydraclean Designed to cleanse the face paying particular attention to the T-zone, thanks to the only treatment method of its kind in the world. This easy to fit in, 30-minute treatment combines a thermo-electrode to cleanse the skin and a relaxing massage to soothe, leaving the skin clear and radiant. A great starter facial for anyone looking to get in to a skincare routine. £40.00
Hydraderm Cellular Energy Express The Hydraderm Cellular Enegry express still delivers the key aspects of the full facial without the mask and massage, perfect for those short on time. £50.00
Hydradermie Lift Express Still delivering the key aspects of the Hydradermie Lift for firming of the facial muscles, but perfect for those short on time. £50.00
Hydra Peel & Hydra Peeling Suitable for the majority of skin types, the Hydra Peel treatments exfoliate, resurface, moisturise and renew the skin. Hydra Peeling with Hydra PH uses Phytic Acid while Hydra Peel with Hydrabrasion uses natural cellulose particles and papaya extracts. Hydra Peeling offers two versions of the peeling component, the first with Acid PH for all skin types; the second, gentler, for sensitive skin with manual Hydrabrasion. As well as actively minimising brown spots and smoothing the skins surface, both facials include a soothing, beauty enhancing massage & mask to leave you feeling regenerated with brighter, cleaner, and younger looking skin. £75.00